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Counseling Issues we need to talk about...
  • Depression often involves sadness, flatness, irritability, loss of energy, loss of enjoyment in former activities, and hopelessness/helplessness.  Concentration may be a problem.
  • Anxiety expresses itself in feeling uptight, worried, or tense.  Tension may be felt in certain situations, deal with specific topics, or be free-floating with no central focus.  Concentration may be poor.
  • Post-Traumatic Stress may involve memories or emotions from the past intruding into the present.  Bad dreams and memories, fears of people or harm may be disturbing.
  • Sexual Abuse that has not been dealt with adequately may lead to depression, anger, and anxiety, and feelings of "being different" than other people.
  • Life changes can stress and disappoint us.  Relationships may fail and cause pain, financial worries can loom large, and the actions of others or ourselves discourage us.
  • Financial issues
  • Military life can be exciting, but stressful as well.  Travel, distance from family and friends, war trauma and fear of talking leave bottled-up emotions ready to explode into depression, anxiety or anger. 
  • Grief and loss come to everyone.  But when the loss comes to you, the burden can be hard to deal with. 
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